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      Just being on the web does not bring instant success. It is a tool like anything else, a great one albeit, but none the less a tool. Success comes from marketing.
    What is marketing about?
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    Nonprofit Organizations
      The Internet is not just about business. Nonprofit Organizations are using the Internet for: - serving clients
    - fundraising
    - distributing newsletters via email
    - creating awareness
    - recruiting volunteers
    - providing education
    - organizing advocacy
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    Today's Planet
    Today's Planet, a new Internet Portal, will address the challenges of seamlessly integrating content, commerce, and community. Supporting multiple business and community models, Today's Planet will bring you the future today!!
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    Merlin's Studio
    You can master Merlin's Studio Self Editing Site Builder program in a few days time. All it takes is applying your attention to your intention to get a web site up. We provide the tools.
    Visit Merlin's Studio
    Try our Site Building Demo
    Our professional staff
    has many years of business, advertising and marketing experience in addition to database and web design. We can start you off with a simple web presence that announces to the world whom you are, what you do and how to contact you. Or we can build for you a website that is interactive, dynamic, database driven, and feature rich.
    At CyberJourney.com, we have created a Web Based Software Suite called Merlin's Studio which in it's simplest form, the Copy Editor Mode, allows you to self edit your pages after we build your website, without having to have knowledge of web design or HTML. In it's most powerful form, the Premium version of Merlin's Studio, you are able to take creative control for rapid deployment of full-featured solutions : planning , building and administrating your web site effectively and efficiently with a minimum amount of time and effort.

    Merlin's Studio offers a variety of features and functions for your website. You can select which features and functions interest you and adjust them as your needs change and website grows.

    Test Drive our Self-Editing Software. See how easy it is for anyone without any knowledge of HTML to quickly and easily make changes to their web site page content.

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